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Rojukiss Acne Spotless Korean Serum 6ml
Price RM3.90 RM7.80
Brand Rojukiss
Size (L x W x H) 8 cm x 6 cm x 1 cm

Rojukiss Acne Spotless Korean Serum 6ml - Reduce Dark Spots/Revitalizing Gentle Face Skin
1 pack of 6ml Rojukiss acne spotless serum

Korean Serum
- Reduce the continous occurrence of acne.
- Reduce black marks from acne in 7 days.
- Special concentrated serum for revitalizing
- Serum can handle acne continuously and has a long lasting effect.
- Gentle to the skin
- Reduce the accumulation of bacteria Control oil, reduce clogging, exfoliate skin,
- Reduce the chance of acne marks.
- Reduce dark spots from acne and nourish the skin.
- Free from harsh substances that may cause irritation.
- There is no mixture of substances that cause clogging that cause acne.

Can be applied all over the face

Net Weight : 6 ml

Skin care product type