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Jelly's Pure Underarm Cream 50g
Price RM18.90 RM37.80
Brand Jelly's
Size (L x W x H) 8 cm x 7 cm x 3 cm

Jelly's Pure Underarm Cream 50g
1 piece of 50g Jelly's Pure Underarm Cream

2in1 function : whitening & deodorant

Benefits :
- Effectively whiten all your DARK AREA
- Removes chicken skin (wrinkles, freckles, large pores in the armpits) so that the armpits become smooth and smooth
- Repair damaged armpit skin cells.
- Underarms feel smoother and softer
- Reduces fine lines and dryness due to dehydration
- Shrink armpit pores
- Skin tightening
- Reduces armpit odor

100% safe to use, the extract contains no mercury or harmful chemicals and has been certified by the Thai FDA.

How to use:
- Use 2x a day after bathing.
- No need to use roll-on deodorant, because if you use it for a long time it can cause your armpits to darken.
- Apply on the buttocks, groin, knees, elbows, ankles, armpits / groin / all dark areas.

Have smooth white skin as soon as possible!!! Excess :
- Not sticky
- Smells delicious

Weight : 50gram
FDA 10-1-5949132