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Sanenang ( Breast ) 10 caps
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Brand Sanenang
Size (L x W x H) 8 cm x 8 cm x 2 cm
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Sanenang ( Breast ) 10 caps
1 pack of 10 cap SANE NANG PLUS

100% branded traditional and herbal medicines from Grandmother Monday.

Thai Herbal Extract Formula Double x2.

Breast Herb with hormones extracted from herbs.

No chemicals are 100% natural.

- Increased breast size restores elasticity and firmness.
- Reducing sagging breasts, small or directly not in the form of this herb urges the breasts to return full.
- Allows tight vaginal parts.
- Reduces excessive whiteness and unpleasant odor.
- Reduces menstrual pain during menstruation or or irregular menstruation.
- Hormones and women's vagina restore strong.
- To increase body moisture.
- Glowing help to skin and radiant skin reduces skin wrinkles.

Herbal Breast has been studied as a medicinal tonic whose female hormones have excellent results from users.

Eat 1-2 tables before bed every night with warm water.
- Consistent intake for more noticable changes.

- Eating on an empty stomach is very good.
- And drink plenty of water in order to be fully absorbed.

FDA AND GMP G29/2552
HERBAL 100%.