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Nestle Bear Sterilized Milk 140ml - 6 Pcs
Price RM12.50 RM25.00
Product SKU F-MILK-X6
Brand Nestle
Size (L x W x H) 23 cm x 15 cm x 5 cm

Nestle Bear Sterilized Milk 140ml - 6 Pcs
6 pieces of 140ml Nestle Bear Sterilized Milk

4 Flavor:
Yellow =Original (full cream ,high calcium)
Blue = low fat (low fat)
white= 0% fat (no fat)
Pink= high folate(increase red blood cell)

Give good value to your health And your loved ones
With Bear brand sterile fresh milk for everyday or special occasions
With many benefits And perfect taste, Bear Brand Fresh Milk, soft taste
Has a high nutritional value Beneficial for the body, children can drink, adults drink well. It is high in calcium, folate and protein. For strong bones and teeth Low -fat recipes
Suitable for everyone All ages who care about their health Can be stored for a long time Without freezing in the refrigerator

Benefits of Bear Cap Milk
-Improve the body's health system
-Restore the body quickly
-Neutralizes toxins in the body
-Refreshes the body
-Keep the skin healthy
-Make sleep more sound
-Maintain cholesterol levels