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Lobo Stir-Fry Black Pepper Paste 50g
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Brand Lobo
Size (L x W x H) 16 cm x 11 cm x 1 cm
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Lobo Stir-Fry Black Pepper Paste 50g
1 pack of 50g Lobo Stir-Fry Black Pepper Paste

Ready stock Thailand Product!
No MSG or Preservatives Added
Makes up to 4 servings

Recipe: Fish with Stir-Fry Black Pepper Sauce
1. Prepare 250g fish* fillet, cut into bite size, 1/2 bell pepper, diced an 1/2 onion.
2. Heat 2 tablespoons (30ml) vegetable oil in a pan. Add bell pepper, onion together with the contents of this packet. Stir-fry on medium heat.
3. Place fish in the pan. Gently stir fry until the fish is cooked.
4. Turn off the heat, sprinkle with green onion and serve.
*Seafood such as shrimp, scallop, squid or meat such as beef, chicken can be substituted.

Ingredients: Onion 23%, Oyster Sauce (Soybean, Wheat, Oyster, Salt) 20%, Sugar 16%, Palm Oil 12%, Black Pepper 9%, Garlic 7%, Soy Sauce Powder (Wheat, Soybean) 5%, Flavor Enhancer (Monosodium Glutamate, Disodium 5'-ribonucleotide) 3%, Salt 3%, Coriander Root 1.5%, Stabilizer (Xanthan Gum) 0.3%, Natural Color (Caustic Caramel) 0.2%
Allergen Information: Contains oyster, wheat and soybean.