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Triphala Madam Kate Detox 30 Caps - 6 Packs
Price RM50.00 RM100.00
Brand Madam Kate
Size (L x W x H) 13 cm x 9 cm x 6 cm

Triphala Madam Kate Detox 30 Caps - 6 Packs
6 packs of Madam Kate Detox.

Madam Kate Detox 100% Organic Herbs Burn Fat Cellulite Lost Weight Slimming Diet 30 Capsules/Package
**** FDA.24-1-15857-1-0193 ****

Madam Kate Detox Herbal Explosion Tummy & Slimming

~~100%Authentic Halal~~

Madam Kate Detox Herbal Detox Lung & Fat Burner Thai Herbal Extract The properties help burn fat. Reduce cellulite Reduce excess weight as well as your safe. Beautiful 3 in 1 skin, healthy skin.

Madam Kate Detox is for you with the following problems:
- Those who are overweight.
- The thighs are big thighs.
- no time to exercise
- not tighten
- have excess fat Have cellulite
- Drug resistance yo yo from the original drug.
- excretion is not time

Bigger BooBs herb bed intensive top-ups Thailand herbal + astaxanthin and thin.
Big size up the other.

Herb ups size The collection of herbs Thailand Enriched by "Astaxanthin is thin."
Powerful red algae from Scandinavia. Add charm to women in particular.
Reduces the size of the breasts bigger. Breast Lift flabby Vagina
Smell with luminous white skin to look healthy, reducing stretch marks.
After motherhood, reduce acne scars. Balance in the body Stimulate blood circulation
Pretty-in-one formula

Medicinal properties up bed intensive.
   - Enlarged breasts
   - Tighten vaginal smell.
   - Skin whitening stimulate collagen under the skin.
   - Reduce the cracks after having children. Reduce acne scars
   - More attractive to women in particular.

How To Use
Take 1-2 capsules Before Bed time
For best result should continue take for 1-2 months.